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For those very special events

When patriotism demands a 100% home-grown pin, we can make it for you.

In today’s global economy, chances are that at least one part of your lapel pin is sourced from abroad. Whether it’s a tiny dab of paint or a piece of metal wire, it means that the pin can’t truly be said to be wholly made in America.

However there are times when everything has to be sourced on home soil. Many government agencies, political organizations, unions and corporations have a mandate to only buy pins made in the USA.

Unlike most pin- makers, we have the contacts and the tracking systems in place to be able to guarantee you a “100% Made in the USA” pin with a certificate of authenticity to prove it.

Most styles of pin are available, including cloisonné, die-struck metal, die-cast 3D pins, hard enamel, photo-etched, screen printed and quick pins.

When you need totally US-made pins, just get in touch and we can help. Request your quote today for delivery in 21-26 days depending on pin style and design.

Artwork, set up, mold and shipping are all free. Call now on 1-888-746-5013 for a friendly chat to discuss your project, or send the Request a Quote form.

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