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Cloisonné has always been associated with prestige and grandeur. A highly skilled metalworking technique dating back centuries, cloisonne was originally used on jewelry worn by kings and pharaohs.

To make a hard enamel lapel pin, the design is first stamped onto a metal base, which creates recessed areas or compartments (cloisons, in French). Enamel powder is carefully placed into these compartments and then fired at high heat up to 900 degrees. The powder liquefies and hardens to form a rock-hard surface with a brilliant, jewel-like intensity.

When the pin cools, the surface is ground to a smooth finish, the thin metal separators can be plated with silver, gold or other metal and polished to a shine.

Cloisonne pins can be made to almost any shape or size, and there are numerous options for enhancements such as spinners, danglers and sliders. Colors can be matched to your exact pantone references.

Our master craftsmen also make cloisonné pins using traditional glass rather than enamel if required. Although this highly skilled technique is rarely used nowadays as it is expensive and colors are limited, we are happy to offer it for discerning customers who request it.

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