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Photo Etched

An economical alternative to enamel

Modern technology now lets you create the look and feel of traditional cloisonné and soft enamel pins at a lower price.

Like those older, highly skilled techniques, recesses are made into a blank metal pin to create cavities which are filled with color and fired to harden them. The difference is that, instead of striking the metal, the cavities are formed by etching the design onto the metal with acid, from a photo-negative image of your artwork.

Just like cloisonne and hard enamel pins, photo-etched pins are very durable with bright, brilliant colors. You can also see the metal lines separating one color from another and the surface is completely smooth and polished. Photo etched pins do not need to be a thick as die-struck cloisonne or hard enamel pins, which represents a considerable cost saving to you.

Your photo-etched pin can be covered with a crystal-clear resin dome, and options such as spinners, blinkers, sliders, danglers and crystals can all be added.

Request your quote today for delivery in 21 days depending on pin style and design. Artwork, set up, mold and shipping are all free. Call now on 1-888-746-5013 for a friendly chat to discuss your project, or send the Request a Quote Form.

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