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Pin Attachments

Most pins are attached with the traditional military or butterfly clutch, but there’s a huge range of other options. Here are just a few. If you would like more advice or ideas, just fill out a quote form, or call us on 1-888-746-5013 and our friendly design team will help you make the right choice.

Butterfly Clutch

Also known as a military clutch, this popular fastening is neat and secure.

Rubber Clutch

Available in black or yellow, this is an elegant and economical fastening.

Screw Back

A highly secure fastening, ideal for pins that do not need to be removed often.

Button Clutch

For high-value pins this locking version of the butterfly clutch has a more sturdy feel.

Safety Pin

The most traditional fastening with a safety-lock – ideal for children’s pins


Perfect for when you do not want to puncture clothing

Long Pin

Also known as a hat pin or stick pin, this secure, modern style is easy to attach.

Earring Post

Similar to a military clutch, but thinner and made of a non irritant metal such as silver or gold.

Get creative with your pins

Your pin design can be attached in many other ways to create desirable gifts. Here are just a few ideas

Tie Bar Attachment

Tie Tack

Tie Tack w/ chain & Bar

Cuff Link

Zipper Pull




Thumbscrew Keychain

Call us on 1-888-746-5013  or fill out a quote formfor more ideas, advice and guideline prices.

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